Dumb Games

Enjoy one of our fun online games! They're pretty dumb, but they're also super fun to play.


  • This dumb game is called curveball. The object is to get the ball past your opponent's paddle. Enough said.
  • Check out even more dumb stuff that's even more dumber
  • Sudoku is a fun numbers game that will challenge your mind and keep you from getting too dumb!


  • There are so many superheros to choose from, but which superhero are you? Are you a daring or dorky superhero? Find out with the SUPERHERO TEST!
  • The age old question continues... Which one are you? Are You A Pirate or a Ninja? Thank goodness the NINJA OR PIRATE TEST exists.
  • Britney Spears has had many personalities over the years. Ever wonder, Which Britney Am I? Take BRITNEY SPEARS TEST personality quiz to see!
  • Take this free online IQ test to find out what your real IQ is! This IQ QUIZ will test your IQ...think you have a high IQ? Find out!
  • The Video Game Trivia Quiz tests your video game knowledge about those video games you've played all your life! Can you pass the Video Game Trivia Quiz?
  • Are you totally, hopelessly stupid? Take this Stupid Quiz to see! A fun personality quiz to see, "Are You Stupid?" THE STUPID QUIZ...find out now!
  • What's your IQ? Take this INTELLIGENCE TEST and find out. Your trivia IQ high enough to pass the Intelligence Test?
  • If you were a video game character, which video game character would you be? Which Video Game Character Are You?
  • Want to know who your crush really is? Take this fun personality test to find out your secret crush! The CRUSH TEST...Who is Your Crush?
  • This fun quiz is impossibly hard! Try the IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ and see if you can do the impossible and get a perfect score on this quiz!
  • Are you athletic? Then take this fun personality test to see which athlete you are. Which Athlete Are You? The Which Athlete Are You Quiz tests you to see!
  • Do you love Beer? What kind of beer are you? Take the Which Type Of Beer Are You Test to see.
  • Are you an expert on everything Lost? Then take this fun trivia test on Lost. Test to see how much you know about Lost with the LOST TRIVIA TEST!
  • Take the World of Warcraft Test to determine which WOW class is best for you and your personality.
  • Are you a lucky person? Do you find dollars and win stuff? How lucky are you? Take this fun quiz if you wonder, How Lucky Am I? THE LUCK TEST tells you!
  • Are you naughty or nice? This personality test tells you if you're naughty or nice. The Naughty or Nice Test.
  • Do you know your pop music trivia? Test your knowledge of pop music with our quiz about POP MUSIC TRIVIA.